Noise Begone!

Sam Laufer of Laufer Teknik has become the US manufacturer and distributor of Bybee Wire and the distributor of the Bybee Power Purifier ($4500) that is manufactured by Transparent. Here he's pictured holding the new Bybee wire, which contains the equivalent of three Bybee Golden Goddess Speaker Bullets. While I haven't tried the wire, I have two sets of Bullets on each of my reference speaker inputs, and am continually startled by their ability to clarify and refine low-level bass detail. I never, ever thought I could get this much bass clarity from my speakers, especially from closely spaced, multiple parallel lines of double basses and cellos.

Jack Bybee's technology is said to allow the Power Purifier to significantly lower the noise floor to produce a very natural sound. No current limiting is involved, so dynamics are not compromised.

"You retain all the leading edge of transients and natural sound of the original voices and instruments," Sam told me over lunch. The Power Purifier rectifies the dispersive delay that messes with the timing of different signal frequencies by placing a carbon nanotube and other metals in the signal path. It is also claimed to reduce 1/F noise, clarifying sound and the leading edge of transients by further reducing timing delays.

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Don't you know those mystic "cable elevators" have been superseded? The best treatment for carpet distortion is to kneel between the pair of speakers and lift the cables off the carpet by hand, as shown in the photo. Imaging is said to improve by around 300%!

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BTW Ron, I heard praying to the Copper Gods for better conductivity works just as well for imaging and even improves bass extension. It also increases neck hair rising by 32% and insures you will find true love before you are 40....LOL.I am all for exotic equipment...but not this absolute baloney....

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Stop!! all your nonsenses. And grow up!! BOY!!