Lovely Loiminchay

The name "Loiminchay" comes from a line of high-end pens, I am told, and the prices of the superbly finished Loiminchay speakers are also high-end, the three-way Chagall pictured here coming in at $48,500/pair. But combining a 30mm diamond tweeter with ceramic-cone midrange and LF units in two multi-layer Birch-ply enclosures with a concrete plinth, the Chagall produced smooth, extended sound driven by a Bel Canto class-D power amp and a Nagra CD player.

suits_me's picture

That sort of layered look - first from Pen Audio in my recent knowledge - is beautiful. Those speakers are an ugly shape, however, imo. I bet there's not much US demand for them, even relative to the rarified price levels.

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i really dug the kadinsky model with beryllium compression driver. i listened to that one for a longggg time. perhaps my days of kef are over. i've fallen deep for these. regarding the chagall, i'm hearing folks are saying these are superior to the avalon diamonds. would LOVE to see these reviewed (or preferably, the kadinsky model)