Joseph's Pulsar

"It's like the Pearl but in a more easily digestible form," explained Jeff Joseph, as he demmed the Long Island's company's new Pulsar speaker for me. The stand-mounted speaker keeps as much as possible of the cost-no-object Pearl's qualities, but uses a new magnesium-cone woofer from SEAS with the same throw as the Pearl's 7" unit.

In a system comprising Bel Canto amplification and Cardas cabling, with the front-end Jeff's laptop sending data to the Bel Canto DAC One via a Bel Canto USB link, the sound of Jean Guillou's organ transcription of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition exhibited extraordinarily powerful low bass, considering the speaker's modest dimensions. Buddy Holly's "True Love Ways" revealed an uncolored, natural midrange.

Price is still to be decided, but will be around $7000/pair, Jeff told me.

Mark Atwell's picture

I listened to the Pulsars several times at the Rock Mtn Audio Fest 2009. They are absolutely amazing. Superb.

Phil Hammer's picture

Do you know any of the specifics yet, like impedance sensitivity, etc.? Dimensions? Is it a ported design? I'm looking for something a bit more tube friendly and something that can handle my turntable better than current ported bookshelf which does not like that bass reflex port!!

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Is your Mom still doing your sales and admin?

Mike Leclerc's picture

Just heard these at the show in Montreal. Of all the thousands of products being demonstrated, these speakers completely etched my memory. Easily THE most impressive speakers I have seen in many years. I have no clue how they are engineered however they produce the most incredible spectrum my ears have ever been exposed to. Wow seems like such a useless word. People were really talking about these jewels. Amazing job!!!!!

Fraser Katz's picture

Just heard these at the 2010 Rocky Mtn. AudioFest. Ditto Mike Leclerc's comments. Exceeded speakers costing 5x as much. Truly amazing.