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Simaudio's 100Wpc Moon i3.3 ($3300) is a very flexible component. In its stock version, it's an integrated amplifier with five single-ended line-level inputs, an RS 232 communication port, and a headphone jack. However, users can add a phono section module ($300), a balanced input module ($200), and a DAC module ($400) that accepts USB2, S/PDIF, and Toslink. In fact, buy all three modules when you buy the i3.3 and you get the whole package for $4000.

I photographed the innards rather than the faceplate because the i3.3 is just so gorgeously constructed. The phono board is to the far left, right behind he input RCAs. The balanced module is vertically mounted to its right, and the DAC module is to its right. And then there's that big, honking toroid up top.

Lionel Goodfield was quite chuffed about it: "We're bringing Moon audio quality to a whole new level of affordability." Right on.

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This Sim Audio device looks quite impressive. However, the beginning of the blog piece is off the screen to the right on my computer and I can access it. Could it be refomatted so all of Wes' prose is visible?Many thanks,Larry

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wonderfull inegrated Amp: perhaps the best choice regarding performance / cost and certainly the most flexible tool for HiFi. It combines the best in analog (phono stage) & numeric. Wide & accurate sound. Sufficient power for large choice of combination. high transparancy! All in one! Best choice