I Can See Clearly Now

Clarity Cable of Wichita, KS had a neat little demo going at T.H.E. Show. Rather than pairing their single cable line and new Clarity Audio Pillows with high-priced electronics, they intentionally chose inexpensive mass-market electronics. With a twist. The Infinity Beta 50 speakers were rewired with Clarity wire. (You can also find Clarity wire in MaxxHorn speakers). The CD player was a Panasonic DMP-BD30 with a flimsy chassis, etc. Yet the sound was impressively full-range and inviting.

Part of the secret, they told me, was Clarity's new vibration control pillows. "Put cable vibration to bed" is the company's line on these extremely lightweight babies. They contain a composite of materials—they wouldn't tell me what—and are promised to be covered in black satin or something similar that looks far better than what you see in the photo. Clarity Audio Pillows cost $60 each for the large size (meant to be put atop components) and $30 for small pillows that wrap around interconnects. I'm told that a more expensive player (eg, Esoteric) needs fewer pillows, because it vibrates less than the cheap stuff.

Clarity's line includes different cabling for digital and analog. I didn't get a full price list, but a 2m pair of loudspeaker cables for digital amps costs $1800.

Clarity also demmed MaxxHorn's BlueMaxx CD Cleaner. Even though I was given a bottle to try at RMAF last fall, I've been relying on another brand that I knew greatly improved bass retrieval and dynamics. From the before-and-after demo I heard in Clarity's room, BlueMaxx does much the same thing. Gotta compare products when I get home. I'm so glad the stuff comes in a large bottle—far more economical than the competition

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While I believe that vibration control's absence or presence can be measured, and so don't dismiss it entirely, it is a simple and necessary step to just remove the pillows during the audition. And then put them back. This speaks to basic methodology.

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Thanks for pointing out the obvious. How did you come up with the name suits_me? (It's also spelled differently different times, making me wonder if you post under more than one name). Nothing seems to suit you. I've read a host of your comments, and every single one is negative and derisive. If we review low-cost equipment, you find something wrong. If we review high-cost equipment, you go on the attack. If a cable manufacturer answers your question, you say you'd prefer to read DUP's deleted drivel. In the end, all I can say is, I hope you find the writing and equipment that bring you happiness.

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I went to the Clarity Cable room on Day 1 of THE Show and received a gracious greeting from Melissa, who volunteered a demonstration on The Clarity Audio Pillow. She played several cuts from her own CD on an inexpensive mass market CD player, first with the Pillows on then without (repeating the process several times until I was satisfied). It was noticeable that WITHOUT THE PILLOWS, there was smearing, less coherence, and a loss in musicality and dynamics. A big difference from the music that I heard when I entered the room and not knowing what the exhibitor was demonstrating. Enough of a difference for me to reach into my pocket to buy a pair of the large Pillows (roughly 6" x 5" in an off-white or beige cotton pouch). Melissa said these Pillows are available in a black cotton exterior pillow case.