Go Nad!

While I was cruising NAD's booth, I noticed the M2 Direct Digital amplifier—obviously part of NAD's Masters Series. I asked one Nad rep to tell me about it. "Oh, we didn't bring it—it's not going to be released until spring."

I pointed to it. She went to find someone else. He didn't have any details either. Basically, what I was able to glean is that it is a direct digital amplifier (duh!)producing 250Wpc and it costs $3995. It is the result of a strategic alliance with Zetec.

I spoke to someone who had actually heard it at a trade show in Asia and he rolled his eyes and said, "Man, when you hear music coming out of absolutely jet-black silence, you'll wonder what have I been listening to for all these years?."

Actually, I wonder that all the time, but I take his point and I want to hear the M2—someday.

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Wes, I have always enjoyed your view on the world and just want to recognize that especially now, during shows where you gotta keep pumpin' out the good stuff.... this title gets my vote for the best.Thanks for continuing to report the information while making it enjoyable for us.Cheers!Angela


M2-me too. love it~~

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