Getting Pure

Jim Aud of Purist Audio Design has released several new products. The diminutive Digital Isolation Adapter ($300) plugs into the S/PDIF output of a CD transport or music server with then the RCA digital cable that connects the transport and DAC plugged into it. The Adapter is claimed to electrically isolate the transport to the DAC, reduce jitter via control of the 75 ohm impedances, and reduce EMI/RF noise.

The Single Point Power Conditioner ($1000), not yet in production, is an advanced multi-stage filter network designed to control and suppress EMI and RFI, lower noise floor, and enrich soundstage presentation and detail. The unit is said to work best when dedicated to a single piece of equipment, thereby supply maximum isolation to those components that require power conditioning. The unit is claimed effective to 1GHz. Internal wiring is the same as in Purist Audio Design's power cords.

Sometime last year, the company released the Purist Limited Edition Power Cord. The cord combines all of Purist's advanced power cable technologies with a passive power conditioning circuit that provides EMI/RFI noise control, filtering, and reduction. Input/output connectors are the M1/F1 flagship from Oyaide.