From the Lap of the Gods

Sonneteer first popped up on our radar at the 2006 Home Entertainment Show with their Bardone TX wireless audio transmitter. Three years later they've produced some real eye and ear candy with the Morpheus "music centre" which functions as an integrated amp and control center for all manner of digital media.

The sleek, mirrored console can stream approximately 14,000 web radio stations directly, as well as accessing any number of NAS media drives and other music servers on your network via both wifi and ethernet. There is also a nifty USB port on the side to grab music directly from a USB stick.

The Morpheas is rated at 50 Wpc and is available now for $4,999, distributed by May Audio Marketing.

Stephen Scharf's picture

$5000, huh?....I'll take one for every room. BTW, in this case it's spelled "manner", not "manor".

Haider Bahrani's picture

I'm sure we can knock a dollar of each unit if you take more than five, Stephen ;-)Thanks Jon, picture came out quite well. Still running on UK time hence typing this at a silly hour of the morning. Hope to bump into you at shows in future, may be to show you some Morpheus offspring.Haider.