Fabled Cables In Close Relation

Siltech Importer Ethan Wood, who claims to be the biggest man in the high-end industry, gave me low-down on the family affair known as Siltech and Crystal Cable. (Note: Crystal Cable is in the process of choosing a new importer for its cable and speaker line). Siltech was founded by Edwin Van der Kleig, while Crystal is property of his wife Gabi. Both companies use highly pure silver and 24K gold in the majority of their products.

Siltech, which believes that 60–80% of a cable's sound is determined by its quality of metallurgy, and the rest by its geometry and insulation, uses proprietary terminations and a special thermal treatment. Gold is employed to ameliorate micro-distortions in silver, retaining all the positive attributes of silver while filling the crystalline gaps between silver molecules. Crystal Cable uses the same metallurgy but different geometries, and is designed to be visually arresting.

Siltech's "crown" is the Siltech Emperor. Containing 8Ns single-crystal silver, a 2m pair of interconnects costs $37,000. (FYI, a single kg of 8Ns silver costs $45,000). The capsule seen on the wire does have some effect on microdynamics, I was told, but also makes it difficult for Chinese counterfeiters to produce rip-offs. New to Siltech's line is the Zero Ohm Link interconnect series, whose most expensive Zero Ohm Link Diamond is $3300 for a 1m pair with either RCA or XLR termination. Empress Crown interconnects are $17,200/1m pair. A 2.5m set of Emperor Crown speaker cables will set you back $45,800.

Siltech also has two loudspeakers, the Pantheon XXV ($130,000/pair) and the new Pantheon XX (pictured), which debuted at CES for $40,000/pair. While I did not get the opportunity to hear it—so many cables and tweaks, so little time—the visually stunning Crystal Cable speaker on the other side of the wall—JA will be blogging later today on this speaker—sounded fantastic on an excerpt from the Reference Recording disc of Rutter's Requiem.

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Ignoring the crazy prices, he really is a BIG fella, cuz those speakers are 5' tall!!

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