Elicit/Illicit—It's a Fine Line

Rega had a (ta dah!) high-end integrated, the 90Wpc Elicit Mk.II ($3000). "We wanted something that was actually a step up from our separates," Steve Harris, president of The Sound Organisation, Rega's US importer confided. "The Apollo CD player was so far above its competition, we felt as though we needed to up our game with the new one—especially since the older version was considered the finest amplifier we ever made."

The Elicit comes with five line-stage inputs, but both MC and MM phono boards are available (price tbd). I surprised that the large knob n the front panel controls both source and volume (but then I spotted a mode button that toggles between functions). It sounded fast and precise driving Elac loudspeakerrs—it had pace, as Martin Colloms likes to say. I've frequently liked Rega's sound, but this time I really liked what I was hearing.

I guess they really did elevate their game.

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Yup. For me, as close to perfect as I've heard.

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Wes-Thanks for the kind words on the Rega Elicit. It is an amazing new integrated! As a representative for The Sound Organisation I thought it pertinent to clarify a significant point. In the Rega demo room we were playing an all Rega system with the P7 turntable, Saturn CD player and quite possibly most importantly the new RS5 speaker. The first from Rega, after 20 years, to feature their own tweeter design.Thanks again-Chadps. We'll be on the lookout for this Steve Harris you mention. Maybe Steve Daniels knows him

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Will this unit get a full review from Stereophile? I have listened to the Elicit and it does make some wonderful music with Harbeth speakers.