"What's new?" I asked Jeff Rowland.

"Define new," he said.

Ah, engineer humor.

I guess you could consider this new," he said, "seeing as how it is finally a reality."

He pointed at the petite Criterion preamplifier ($18,500). "It's battery powered, has user adjustable gain on each input, and a really great display that can be customized for each input. It has three separate balanced outputs, including one that can be run independent of the other two. It uses a 32-bit microprocessor for the commands. It also has a separate recording output with variable output.

"Like other Rowland Research components, it's milled from a solid billet of aluminum, which is why it weighs 46lbs."

It was on static display, so I didn't audition it, but it was such a stunning piece of audio jewelry—and so different—that I wanted to run away with it.

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I'd want to run away with it too! It's so hard to find the perfect martini. Finally a product with "user adjustable gin."

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Battery supply will be passe' soon, Jeff! Look to my posts on DIY audio (blowtorch thread) for the info on the 'ring supply' that I -gave away- as I don't have the time to develop it. Too busy.Take it and run with it. It will sound better than a battery supply - that's a given. But in the meantime, battery works best, IMHO.

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KBK, your comment would be pretty darned funny even if you were capable of designing your way out of a paper bag. But given your total lack of understanding of even the most basic engineering concepts, it invites ridicule.