Cosmic Clarity

Ron Sutherland had a new battery powered phono section, the Hubble ($3800). The batteries come in a special battery compartment, so that there is only a single point of contact at each pole. He reckons the batteries are good for 800 hours of use and he has incorporated at clock in the unit so you can keep track. Each time you fire it up, program in you anticipated listening session and it will count it down and turn off the power at the assigned time—the same LEDs that serve as the timer also indicate battery strength as well.

It's laid out as a dual mono unit and loading and capacitance are adjusted via small plug it circuit boards. If you'd rather roll your own, Sutherland includes several blanks.

(NB: This is a manufacturer-supplied photo. Sutherland had the Hubble laid out on a table like this and I did take pictures myself, but my SD card ate them.)