Cool and Hot

As I was heading out dazed from the Sennheiser headphone experience, Dynaudio’s Mike Manousselis invited me to briefly listen to their demo. In the middle of the Convention Center’s huge South Hall, and at a reasonable volume level that did not attempt to drown out the ubiquitous din, a very cool Patricia Barber had claimed the space as her own. Abetted by a Wadia player and Simaudio amplification, speakers that I think were the Focus 360—Mike, help me out here; I hadn’t yet come down to earth from the Sennheisers—were doing a marvelous job of filling the space with inviting sound. If anything could entice me to transition from Richard Strauss’ Alpine heights to Patricia Barber’s sensual coolness, it was this speaker/electronics combo.

Stephen Scharf's picture

Hi Jason,Yes, that is the new Focus 360 that was introduced in October at RMAF. Thank you for giving us your thoughts on this one. I was hoping one of the staff would cover Dynaudio.

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Nice looking speakers. Dynaudio and Sim always seem to work well together. Anyone know the price of the 360's?

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The Focus 360, which features our Esotar2 tweeter, is priced at $6,500 per pair and is now shipping.