Clean it Up, Baby

Is PS Audio's Paul McGowan out to harness all of the world's AC for musical ends? You'd think so from the host of new power products in his line-up.

Perhaps the most striking is the PS Power Port Premier ($90 for two sockets). Consisting of outlets that boast a special dielectric of gold-plated copper, these tight AC receptacles are said to eliminate every trace of glassines from sound. Cryo'd by Lee Weiland of Locus Design to further take the glassy edge off, they require a good 400 hours to break-in. They also demand a significant outlay of energy to pull a plug out of them. You will absolutely need to hold your equipment tightly on your rack when you plug and unplug components in order to avoid pushing gear off its supports. I'm real eager to hear how the Power Port Premiers compare to the high-end electrical outlets I'm currently using.

PS Audio also has a new, extremely handsome line of power cables. Replacing the X-treme series, the new Perfect Wave AC series cables (the 3, 5, 10, and 12) features a gold-plated copper/beryllium mix, and an unscrewable grounding pin which obviates the need for lousy sounding cheater plugs. (Sure makes sense). While prices are not yet finalized, the AC-12 may cost something like $1000/m, while the AC-10 may cost approximately $500/m. The entry-level AC-3 could go as low as $99/m.

Besides the Noise Harvesters, which seem to do much the same thing as the late, lamented AudioPrism's Noise Sniffers, the company has a new Juice Bar outlet strip. Distinguished by three solid bars which run internally for the entire length of the outlet strip, the Juice Bar does not limit current in any way, and retails for $199. Last but not least comes the Humbuster III ($299), which stops transformers in components from humming by getting ride of errant DC on AC lines.

Pictured holding a variety of PS Audio's new products are Paul McGowan and his son Scott, who has now joined the company. Plenty of reason to smile.

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It is a conductor, BUT calling it such isn't nearly as marketable.It is the same Feng Shui discussed at the Luxman blog..

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"...boasts a special dielectric of gold plated copper..."Dielectric? That sounds like a conductor to me.