Bel Canto's Versatile Integrated

Bel Canto's designer, John Stronczer, proudly showed off the the Minnesotan company's e.One s300 integrated amplifier ($2495), that was recently reviewed by Wes Phillips. A dual-mono design with a class-D output stage, it outputs 300Wpc into 4 ohms and 150Wpc into 8 ohms, the diminutive integrated amp features Bel Canto's single button control for inputs and volume, as well as a remote control.

Bel Canto's modest powerhouse is available in a number of different configurations, including moving-magnet phono stage input, S/PDIF-input DAC, or 24/96 USB digital audio converter. Mated with some modest speakers from Joseph Audio, the system delivered a surprisingly full-range presentation that would be the envy of virtually everyone in your neighborhood.

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Great products at great prices!! I read that there's now a tuner to add into the stack of BC gear. Recently BC upgraded/updated the Ref.1000 amps to a MkII version - I'm wondering if the same process is likely to occur to the CD-2, DAC-3 and PRE-3??Great stuff John Stronczer.