Bel Canto FM-1 Tuner's Identity Crises

We all have different digital needs, and companies like Bel Canto are trying different combinations of features to find customers.

For example, their new FM-1 tuner not only has the requisite analog outputs (balanced and unbalanced), it also has four digital inputs as well as a 24/96 digital out. And since this tuner can control volume, what we really have here is a tuner/preamp/DAC in one box.

Add a power amp and this may be the perfect desktop system. Price is estimated to be under $2,000 when the FM-1 ships in mid-2009.

Frank's picture

Assuming a competent level of performance, and (+/-) $2k out the door, it deserves a second look. An FM tuner, digital ins/outs, preamp function, nice casework, made in USA - on the face of it, what's not to like? I may take have a look when it hits the market.

Jussi's picture

They should equip it with USB to satisfy the computer -based audiophiles as well.Interesting approach, nevertheless.