All's Well that Ends Well

Between 150 and 200 producers of cables and components rely on WBT for their terminations and connectors. Hence, any advance in their line has profound implications for audiophiles. This year, WBT was touting its Nextgen terminations. Composed of either pure copper or fine silver, Nextgen connectors s boast less mass than other WBT terminations, and are claimed to yield superior sound.

In a very convincing demo, genuine WBT terminations were compared with one of the cheap (probably brass-plated) rip-offs that frequently surface on imported equipment. The genuine WBT sounded significantly superior in conveying low-level, inner detail and bass. Believe me, the sound was far sparer and much less complete through the counterfeits. Cutting corners cuts away at musical truth. Thanks to WBT for driving home the importance of good terminations.