Far From Cornered

Albert Von Schweikert is on the move. After any number of Von Schweikert lovers have asked for smaller, space-saving speakers that function optimally tucked into corners or up against walls, Von Schweikert Audio is about to launch the Studio Signature Series. With three models, the Unifields 1, 2, and 3 ($6000, $10,000, and $15,000/pair respectively) and optional polished marble stands, the Signature speakers are designed to "compete with guys who build $20,000 monitors." The Unifield 1's frequency response is said to be 40Hz—22kHz; the 2 offers 32Hz—22kHz; and the 3 boasts a whopping 32Hz–50kHz. Not bad for a small speaker, eh?

Von Schweikert has discontinued its online store, which was so unpopular with US dealers that a number jumped ship. Instead, the company is opening two factory stores, one in LA, the other in Manhattan. Modeled after the Bose stores, but with thankfully better sound, the establishments have been acoustically designed to sound like concert halls. Von Schweikert plans to use the stores as both merchandising entities and training facilities, flying in dealers to school them in proper presentation.

Von Schweikert has also just debuted what are intended to be extremely neutral-sounding cables. Designed by the chief design engineer of the Aerospace Division at AC Delco, the interconnects cost $750, speaker cables $2500, and power cables something that Albert couldn't remember because they're so new.