Triangle's Quartet

You wouldn't tell by looking at him, but Martin Tremblay is camera-shy. He's modest, though he has every reason to be proud. Triangle's new Genese Series continues the French firm's tradition of sophisticated styling. With its slender, elegant cabinet and smooth, glossy finish, the $4900/pair Quartet descends from Triangle's Magellan Series and is just as lovely.

It uses a TZ2500 titanium-dome tweeter which is semi-pod mounted for "increased spatialization and reduced directivity," said Tremblay. Triangle's "Twin/Vent" system is said to reduce distortion and limit decay, while providing deep, tight bass.

Used here with the Hegel CDP 2A CD player ($2899) and exquisite Graaf GM50B all-tube fully-balanced integrated amplifier ($7000), the sound was fast and detailed without being harsh.