Simaudio Gets Great Sound From Dynaudios

"What's new?" I asked the Canadian company's affable Lionel Goodfield on the last day of CES.

"Nothing...but we are getting great sound from Dynaudio's new Sapphire speaker. Source is the two-box Moon Andromeda CD player that Brian Damkroger reviewed for Stereophile in January and amp is the Moon Evolution i-7 integrated."

I sat down and took a listen to some of the tracks from my Editor's Choice CD. Nice. Very nice. An enormous soundstage, detail to die for, and extended lows and highs, yet without the sound being artificially thrown forward at the listener.

As it was Lionel's room, I photographed him with the Andromeda and the i-7, but those Dynaudio speakers are something special indeed.

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The nature of show reports is such that writers are always looking for new products, but exhibitors who have nothing new to introduce at a show tend to be less straightforward in their responses than Lionel Goodfield. Sometimes they're quite defensive, like the cantankerous designer of high end audio electronics whose response to my question