New Marantz

D&M Holding is the name of the company that owns Marantz, McIntosh, Boston Acoustics, and several other audio/video brands; they had a mini-exhibit of their own at the Mandalay Bay. There were some formal home-theater demos, but I didn't have time to sit through those. However, I did get a good look at the new SM-11S1 Reference Power Amplifier (110Wpc, $3999), SC-11S preamplifier ($2999), and SA-11S1 two-channel SACD/CD player ($3499) from Marantz. Gorgeous stuff. Michael Fremer has these for review.

Ramesh's picture

Surely this is a mistake, and that it is the new series 2 SACD player, not the S1.The series 2 shares the transport and DAC of the SA-7, but apparently not the latter's method of DAC board isolation, and uses a smaller transformer. The question is how much the S2 sounds like the highly praised SA-7

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Sa11s2's transformer is the same of Sa7, according to specification on Marantz website Europe