The Indiana Line

The totally new-to-me Indiana Line, imported by VMAX Services, was a great surprise. VMAX Service's Richard Kohlruss tells me the company's been around for 30 years. Their Arbour Series of loudspeakers are finished in an attractive real-wood cherry veneer with nicely rounded front panel edges. At just about 37" high and only 25lbs, the 5.02 is not only easy on the eyes, it's also practical for small listening rooms like mine.

Matched with Tangent Audio's budget-priced CD50 and AMP50 ($259 each), the Indiana Line 5.02 provided stable, appropriately-sized images spread across a wide and deep soundstage, and produced surprisingly full, controlled bass. The 5.02's down-firing reflex vent utilizes the low frequency reinforcement of the floor to move lots of air. Very fine.

The cost? Also very fine: $495/pair.

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Any more info on the CD50? I've been looking all over and can't find anything...

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Hi ive bought the Indiana Line Arbour 5.06 bookshelf/standmount model, they look great in pics & ive been assured they are excellent qualityI like speakers that arnt mainstream, something that people enquire about when they see them, i cant wait to receive my speakers, they are the slightly larger bookshelf model from the 4.06Ive bought some chrome speaker stands mission stance so im sure they will look awesome with the stands to set them off, anymore info about your experience with these speakers would be much appreciated