Just Bananas

After days filled with wildly-shaped loudspeakers constructed from all sorts of fantastic materials, I must say it was refreshing to see a familiar face—the DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3, a speaker that looks like a speaker.


For this show, John DeVore dressed up his littlest monkey in a fine mahogany stain. The price remains the same: $2000/pair.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Dudes, nobody owes me a beer! If anything, I'll buy the beers. But you'll have to wait till next payday.

Matthew Rotunda's picture

Looks great JD!

Erik Bobeda's picture

*swoon*Is that an Ayre driving them?

George Kautzman's picture

I spent quite some time at the Devore Suite. I went primarily to hear just how good John's $15,000 Silverback Reference speakers sounded, but what truly blew me away was the sound he managed to coax out of the $4,000 Gibbon Super 8's! I listened to rock, classical, jazz, and piano, and everything sounded like the instruments were there in the room.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Yes, Eric -- John was using Ayre electronics in his room. I believe the first time John DeVore and Ayre's Steve Silberman met was at my apartment, a couple of years back, when we listened to the Gibbon 3s with the Ayre AX-7 integrated and CD player. A very fine combination.

john devore's picture

It's true Stephen, I own you a beer or two for introducing me to Steve. The little 3s sounded so good at your place with the Ayre, Steve was the first guy I called when I decided to do Vegas with solid-state. Sweet stuff, thanks guys!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Aw, it makes me happy and proud to think that I helped hook you guys up. The little 3s sounded so good at my place with everything.

Steve Silberman's picture

I owe Stephen a beer too! We were so stoked when John said yes to using Ayre gear in his suite. Steve