Definitive Technology Shows

"Wes Phillips said you would be coming by to take pictures of our loudspeaker," said Paul DiComo, Vice President of Marketing at Definitive Technology. Paul then took me over to a pair of the company's slim Mythos ST Super Tower loudspeakers driven by Pass Labs XA 100.5 100W solid-state monoblocks. Standing just over 48" tall, the speakers had a width of 6.75" and a depth of only 9.5" What a change from the massive transducers I had seen at other venues at CES 2008!

Taking me over to another pair with the front grilles removed, Paul (right) introduced me to Sandy Gross, Definitive Technology's founder and designer (left). Together, they described these slim towers in some detail. Each tower has two 5.25" cast-magnesium–basket, polymer-cone, upper midrange drivers surrounding a 1" aluminum-dome tweeter in a D'Appolito configuration. Lower down on the column, there is one 6" x 10" long-throw "racetrack shaped" driver coupled to two 6" x 10" long-throw "racetrack" passive radiators. Each Mythos ST column has a built-in, class-D amplifier to power the woofer.

I was most impressed by the deep and wide soundstaging I heard with the Mythoses playing the all-male chorus on Reference Recording's John Rutter Requiem. Good work, Paul and Sandy!