Hyper Chang

In a room dominated by imposing Antique Sound Labs tube electronics and Reference 3A Grand Veena loudspeakers, the Chang folks were demonstrating their new Hyper Drive "hyper noise shunting mechanism." Designed to bring AC noise down further than conventional Chang Lightspeed power conditioners, the Hyper Drive will be incorporated into 2008 Reference models such as the Chang Mk III ($3500).

Paired with the Antique Sound Labs Cadenza DT 60Wpc push-pull amplifier ($6500) and Flora EX-DT preamp ($3000), Reference 3A 90dB-sensitive Grand Veena ($8000/pair), and a none-to-shabby EMM SACD player, the system absolutely captured the soul of Lorraine Hunt Lieberson's artistry. The hyper drive, which was being demmed in external, switch-in/switch-out fashion, also successfully tamed a slightly obtrusive bright edge to the voice.