Totem and Naim

Totem's The One sounded excellent with Naim's CDX2 CD player, amplification, and power supplies.

I'd never heard the Totems matched with Naim gear. "I really like this combination," I told Totem's Nico Bruzzese.

"We like to match our speakers with lots of different brands of electronics to show just how versatile they are," he replied.

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A NAP 250 integrated amplifier? That's a new one on me.

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Agreed, no such thing as a 250 integrated. If indeed it's a 250 power amp, then it looks like a 202 preamp (due to the one knob) and a Supercap power supply for the preamp (can't be a power supply for the CDX2, since the 202 can't run off a 250).

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The wonderful sounding Naim combination that we used was:CDx2 & SupercapNac 202 & HicapNap 250Totem power cables and interconnects. Naim Bundy cableVery musical.

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John,Thanks for the info. I see, the HiCap is on the bottom level. I take your comments to mean that you used Totem speaker cable, correct?

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You're no one without a Naim.

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Artie.Yes. As in most of our set-ups we used a short run of Totem Bi-wire. What a great sounding and fun combination.

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It must be an XPS2 power supply for the CDx2, not a SuperCap (if that's a HiCap on the floor).

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Thanks for the corrections, everyone.