McIntosh Spins!

I got another chance to see—and this time, hear— the $9000 MT10 turntable. "You know, this product generated more comments in our CEDIA2007 blog than any other component."

"Yeah," said the McIntosh rep. "Mostly about how ugly it looks. I think it looks a lot better in person." Me, too—plus, they were playing a huge stack of new Warner Music Group LPs. What's cooler than new vinyl?

Big Mac is touting the MT10 as plug-'n'-play: Tracking force, antiskating, and cartridge "position" are preset at the factory. The tonearm has two horizontal sapphire bearings and two vertical ceramic bearings for "the possible friction." The ebony-bodied cartridge has an elliptical stylus and puts out 0.5mV.

"Did the speed meter say 78RPM in Denver?"


"I missed that detail."

"Yes, you did."

They say the real test of someone's beauty is if spending time with them is worth your while. The MT10 is growing on me—checking it out just might be time well spent.

Bruce H McIntosh's picture

"Mostly about how ugly it looks"Yeah, I'd have to agree with that assessment. Mostly it's the "cosmetic" front panel. It kind of hearkens back to the mid50s Cadillac tailfin aesthetic. I blithely predict an MT-12 or so in a year or so with that front panel removed, and the Mc logo and the controls just on the front of the plinth. THEN they'll be onto something.