Quad Goes Platinum

Anglo-Chinese brand Quad is not one of your consumer electronics companies that revamps their entire line every year (whether it needs to or not). Some might even consider their approach a bit stodgy, resisting change. So when they come out with not just one new product but a completely new series, that has to be considered news.

Quad's new Platinum series of solid-state electronics come above the current 99 series (which will remain in the line), and includes a CD player, preamp, integrated amp, 150Wpc stereo amp, and 170W monoblock amps. The components use balanced connections, and feature standard 12V triggers. The units on display were pre-production prototypes, with delivery promised for the third quarter of 2008. Prices have not been determined yet, and the Quad representatives would not even offer an estimate for publication—but it's safe to say that while they will be significantly higher than the prices for the current 99 series, they won't reach the high-end stratosphere.

Hugo's picture

Nice, but I wish they would add a FM24 valve tuner to the Classic Series!

John A's picture

Quad platinum looks chinese and cheap. But they are chinese and probably expensive. I hope that the preamplifier has proper tone controls and a good phonostage. I remember that I thoght that quad 99 was ugly and cheap looking when it was intruduced.

Charles E. Flynn's picture

The industrial design of these products is so inept that I just registered at the Linn forums.Quad has always had good design that some might find quirky, but these components look like a student design competition entry that did not win a prize.