Polk Launches LSi25 Loudspeaker

Daniel J. Hodgson, Polk Audio's Senior Vice President, was very enthusiastic about the $3000/pair LSi25, a floor-standing, 3-way loudspeaker."It has a 1" VIFA ring-radiator, dual-pivot tweeter to increase dispersion," said Daniel. There are two midranges that surround the tweeter in D'Appolito configuration, and a powered 10" sidefiring subwoofer. The drivers have cast speaker baskets with aerated-polypropylene cones. He went on to point out the two small ports on the front baffle next to the midrange. "These two small ports are designed to eliminate resonance, which our company calls Acoustic Resonance Control," added Michael Cooper, Florida Regional Sales Manager for Polk.

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Another Vifa loudspeaker... rebranded according to marketing. Really once you know what kind of components are supposed to produce the novelty you can only laugh at this industry.

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Interesting comment. For I am seeking a speaker with full range capabilities/two channel/no external subs/ price under $2000. My camparison is JBL Studio monitor titainium tweeters that I adore, and even old school cerwin vega lows. (novice perhaps)but that's my criteria. I know Vifa as reputable quality (yes rebranded in this case). Cosmetically, the lsi25's lackluster perhaps. My compare: NHT Classic Four: However, set up ease for the general consumer, and the addition of separate crossover/amp and price seems non-user friendly and offer a cumbersum approach. Polks transients may not be exceptional, but okay.Your comment seems flipped. All industries are debatable, give me a viable alternative for the general/ stupe and tell me what you would purchase under these perameters? I know I can order Vifa speakers all day long if I were to build my own speakers (among others)wholesale, but I am not an sound engineer. Give it to me Baby...

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Am I missing something here? This speaker has been on the market since 2002. Is it RE-LAUNCHED with upgraded parts or whaterver ? I see no difference between this 2008 version and the 2002 model.Anyone has anything to say on this one?