Hansen Audio's Prince

It was midday at the Venetian and show traffic was intense when I squeezed into the Hansen Audio suite. Despite noise from the outer hall and chatter in the back of the room, the several listeners seemed swept away by Natalie Merchant's voice. Her warm wishes were followed by Aaron Neville's "Goodnight," a blanket of voices with impressive clarity seeming to wrap around the entire room.

Hansen Audio's Prince V2 costs $39,000/pair and is the company's best-selling speaker. Wes Phillips is reviewing the Hansen speaker in the April 2008 issue of Stereophile.

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"Hansen Audio is likewise pushing the limits of what's possible in speaker design, and that's an inherently expensive proposition."Really? Why's that? We've had R&D on audio speakers going on for DECADES. It's not necessary or desirable for Hansen to re-invent the wheel, so to speak.Prices such as these are all about status-seeking, insecurity, and fools parting with their money. I would love to get an honest, accurate appraisal of what it really costs Hansen to make its speakers. Technology-blog