Bryston Goes Class-D

Bryston's James Tanner surprised me by showing me a new direction for Canadian amplifier manufacturer Bryston: it has developed a series of class-D (switching) amplifiers. "You'll notice from the line's hybrid name that we combine the class-D output module with regular linear power supplies, not switching supplies," explained James. "The switching supplies are too noisy."

Prominently displayed on their exhibit was the firm's new D-250Z amplifier, rated at 250W into each of its 8 channels. Such an amplifier can supply a full 7.1 home-theater system, or four stereo zones. Furthermore, each individual stereo zone can be bridged to deliver 800 Watts into 8 ohms.

"We now have an amplifier that supplies 8 channels at the very good price of $5695, much less than our conventional multichannel amplifier reviewed in the pages of your magazine." Notable, however, is that the company's usual 20-year warranty does not apply to the D-250Z, which is only warranteed for 5 years.

Mike Fijne's picture

Bryston is one of the rare no BS manufacturers. However it feels they are running after the market of low end home theaters with this product. Anyone concerned with quality will afford Bryston 20y warranted products instead of this 8 in one.

John Obeahman's picture

Bryston is only offering a 5 year warranty?Does not this tell you something?

Patrick M Giordano's picture

I was a Bryston customer for years. I really enjoyed their products. Now, it is just about impossible to afford them. The prices keep going up...