Thor's Hammer

"Big," I said.

"There's no substitute for size when it comes to designing a subwoofer," JA explained. "A lot of small subs do a lot of things well, but when you want to reproduce truly deep, controlled bass, you need big drivers and a big box."

Wilson Audio Specialties' newest subwoofer, Thor's Hammer, certainly seems to have what it takes. Coming from a long line of serious subs, including the coffee-table-sized WHOW and seven-foot-tall XS, Wilson's newest design stands 59 inches tall, weighs over 400 lbs, features dual 15" long-throw woofers, and, of course, invokes the Norse god of thunder. Whoa.

"For those people who want to move a lot of air around a very large space, Thor's Hammer will do a great job," said Wilson's Peter McGrath.

I believe it. Unfortunately, Thor's Hammer was only on static display, so we couldn't enjoy a listen. "Maybe at the next show," said Daryl Wilson. "We'll have to reinforce the windows."

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What, they didn't think "Mjolnir" was catchy enough?

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Wow fantastic!!!Bcancer