New Sooloos Gear

Sooloos' Rob Darling was on hand again this year showing off their elegant touch screen music server system. Stereophile has a review of this system in the works.

In the year since we last met, the company has been busy. They've built an extensive dealer network, signed on some new manufacturer reps and begun rolling out quite a bit of product.

However, the big news was a glimpse at what they have planned for release in March.

Darling described two new systems, the flagship Twin Store system retailing at $10,500 complete and the entry level Ensemble system priced at $7,200.

Both systems include the Sooloos 17" touch screen, all the software to run the system, and the hard disc bays. Where they differ is in the quality in the audio components, how the library back-ups are handled, where you can place the hard drives (which can have a little fan noise) and the ability to duplicate your music library in remote locations (such as your ski chalet).

Obviously the Twin Store system has all of the cool-man stuff. The big advantage being that music library backups are automatically handled and can be remote located. The Ensemble system saves a little cash by having you manage your backup chores.

Another big change for both systems will be that you'll be able to buy your own hard drives (currently at $250 for a terabyte that can store 2,400 CDs uncompressed). You'll need to buy the networked drive housing units from Sooloos, but you can put any drive you want into them. It's cheaper and more flexible this way, says Darling.

And there's much more on the way that they can't quite talk about yet. Keep an eye and ear on these guys.

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I major want. Glad to hear the price is dropping.