Return of the Nautilus (and B&W)

"I don't recall seeing your flagship, $45,000/pair, Nautilus loudspeaker recently at a show," I mentioned to Scott Rundle, US Sales Manager for British manufacturer Bowers and Wilkins.

"That's because we haven't exhibited at a CE show in the past 15 years," he replied. "However, we felt it was time. In coming back, we wanted to bring 'snapshots' of the best engineering at that time. So we thought it important to show the legacy Nautilus concept speaker, as well as the current $20,000/pair, 800D three-way loudspeaker, and our $18,000/pair, limited-edition, two-way, Diamond Signature loudspeaker.

"The Silver Nautilus you are showing here is truly beautiful on its marble bases. No wonder you charge $45,000 per pair."

"Sorry, Larry, but it will cost you $60,000 if you want to own a pair of the Silver Nautiluses"

MalcolmX's picture

You should go look at the Vivid Audio G1 Giya as they are designed by the same man that designed the Nautilus.

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B&W's budget ranges sound fine, but I've never felt that their flagship designs come even close to comparing with the UK competition (ATC) or for that matter the American (Revel). They sure are marketed well though...