Are You Being Served?

Naim has created a separate line of music server products that will be marketed independently of its component distribution system. On display at CES2008 was the DigiLinX compatible six-stream NaimNet NS01 Music Server ($6200), which has an internal ripping drive, a 400GB RAID 1 array, so data is secure.

The NS01 has network scanning for both PC and Mac, easily accommodates network NAS storage, sports a front panel USB socket (instant iPod connectability), and unique NamNet user and Music Manager interfaces.

Its line level output is 2V RMS and it also sports coaxial S/PDIF (75 ohms), TOSlink. Sample rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 88.2kHz, and 96kHz are supported—all other formats are converted to 44.1kHz.

Its display outputs include S-video, composite, VGA (NTSC, PAL), mouse, keyboard, and USB X-Y touchscreen.

The NS01 is Streamnet compatible, has front panel IR reception and q rear panel 3.5mm remote command connection, and has an RS232 9-pin connector.

Other components in the NaimNet line include the NNT02 DAB/FM tuner, NNP02 Room Amplifier, NNP02-DC Room amplifier with wide-range DC power supply, NNP01 Room Amplifier, NS02 Music Server, and NS03 Music Server.

Additional prices and details to come.