I Am Legend!

T.H.E. Show at the Alexis Park reminded us of the new Will Smith movie—the infrastructure was intact, but there were few signs of life.

We asked one exhibitor how show traffic had been. "There's ample parking," he said.

Things were a little busier at the San Tropez, but as we T.H.E. Show, we heard the CEA's official attendance: 143,695. "Nah," said our cab driver later in the evening, "the real count is closer to 150,000—and tomorrow the Adult Entertainment Expo will bring in another 40,000."

Richard Beers, Pres, T.H.E. Show's picture

Gentlemen,To be more accurate, T.H.E. Show was attended by over 5,000. And, as the CD and record vendors in the ballroom discovered, of that 5,0, ALL were Audiophiles.We at T.H.E. Show don't claim to have the foot traffic they have at CES, but we market to "quality", not "quantity".Our Exhibitors continue to support T.H.E. Show because they know the serious Audiophiles are there. Very few of our exhibitors build in the latest developments in plasmas, cellular telephones or musical shoes.Might I suggest, rather than consulting the cab driver for accurate statistics, you consult the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and,for the best figures concerning T.H.E. Show, consult one of us at T.H.E. Show offices. (We are always available).Had you asked: attendance the first two days of T.H.E. Show increased, flattened out to normal the third and was disappointing the last day as folks "escaped".Feel free to contact us at any time for ACCURATE numbers and co