At the Las Vegas Hilton

While Day 1 at the Venetian was all hustle and bustle, the atmosphere at the Las Vegas Hilton was something different, was almost contemplative. Navigating the Venetian halls was an exercise in agility. I found myself weaving in and out of massive traffic with a skill perhaps common only to a weary New Yorker, making quick and random stops to chat friends and colleagues. But when I arrived at the Hilton, the silence—as we like to say—was palpable.

Of course, there are fewer audio manufacturers residing at the Hilton, and it was approaching the end of show hours. Still, I was left with the impression that those who decided to exhibit at the Hilton did so to avoid the Venetian's massive traffic. There would be no weaving in and out, no random stops. These things would be replaced by long and silent corridors, some lovely music, purposeful discussion, and a resplendent Las Vegas sky.

Exhibiting at the Hilton may also offer manufacturers the opportunity to provide showgoers with a leisurely tour through several adjacent demo rooms, which is exactly what KEF did on Day 1, when the company celebrated their past, present, and future, and announced their new partnership with Musical Fidelity.

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Great photo, Stephen.