NFS Goes Green

In what has become a tradition, Anton Dotson (aka Buddha on the Stereophile forum) and Michael Alazard set up a room at T.H.E. Show as NFS Audio (Not For Sale), which they describe as "a chill out zone for people tired of the show's relentless grinding down of the human spirit."

What do the good doctors prescribe? "Alcohol and music." NFS runs an open bar all day (and night) and play music: LPs, CDs, you name it. This year Dotson lugged his Ferguson Hill loudspeakers in for the fun of it. "These used to belong to Ray Kimber," Dotson said. "It's a long story."

They always are—and with NFS, they're usually petty good 'uns.

This year, the boys brought a new "tweak": a Laser projector. How is that a tweak?

"The laser stabilizes the air molecules, so they can better interact with the drivers" said Dotson. "Want a drink?"

Well, yes, but we have miles to go before we sleep.

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Far out.

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Always the highlight of the show, great guys, great tunes, great times. The Tiki tweak is the greatest audio mod of all time.

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As always, the best room in the whole place. Thanks again NFS.

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Thanks to Drs. Anton and Michael for the respite from the BS the audio rooms, and for the beers.Definitely the coolest room at THE SHOW, and forget the snobbery at the Venetian.

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Definitely at the top of my list as well. thanks again guys.