An Audio Oasis

VTL's room is always an oasis at shows, playing music at levels that actually match rather than trying to impress the listener with mere volume, the system meticulously set up. The same was true at CES 2008, a pair of Wilson WATT/Puppy 8s being driven by the new MB450 Series II tubed monoblocks ($9500/pair), the "budget-priced" (a mere $50k) Continuum Criterion turntable, and VTL's new TP6.5 phono section ($8500) as the source. The MB450 and other VTL components are pictured here with the company's co-owner, the ever-gracious Bea Lam.

Lee Mincy's picture

Nice picture Bea.Hey Guys, I think the series II 450 monos are $13k, not $9,500 as you state.

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It's interesting that the prices of VTL equipment vary from show to show. Has the consumer products crunch hit VTL and they are now pricing their product $4,000 below originally planned? Regardless, neither warrant their price because of their reliability issues. If you do not believe, all you have to do is buy the product. Then see how long your satisfaction lasts. Best of luck. But nice picture of Bea, by the way.