Revolver's Back!

The Replay Turntable ($3499) is Revolver's re-entry into the turntable market after a lengthy absence. It comes packaged with a Jelco tonearm although the company might eventually supply a top plate that can be drilled for any arm. It has a decoupled suspension—which is not sprung–and a large flat belt driven by an AC motor with an outboard power supply. At 50 lbs, it's no lightweight.

Oliver Amnuayphol's picture

Ooh, what a boss-looking vinyl spinner! It's good to see Revolver back in analog. Will there be a S'phile review?

Abe's picture

Welcome Back. The turntable ROCKS!!!

Stevie's picture

This is a really sweet and musical sounding turntable. The bass is phenomenal and not many turntable that I ve heard can better them in the bass department. To me this is a lovely piece of musical instrument.