Audio Space's DAC-1

Audio Space's DAC-1 US ($3000) is a hybrid tube/Mosfet DAC with a difference.It has two pairs of RCA analog outputs: One deriving its signal from the tube DAC; the other taking its signal from the discrete Mosfet DAC.

The tube section employs two 6922s.

Both are 24-bit and upsample to 192kHz.

We were impressed by the warm, alive sound in Audio Space's room. The Audio Space Reference 2 preamplifier ($9500 with MM/MC phonos section) and Reference 3 50W monoblock amplifiers ($7800/pair) were driving Von Schweikert VR-5 Anniversary loudspeakers.

Nils Lofgren's "Keith Don't Go" was impressively dynamic and alive. These guys are on to something good!

Denis's picture

Hi,I got a Reference 2 preamp from a Hifi store that had to shut close because of economical issues.The amp run only few hours and only for special customers. It was never moved from it's own shelf.I'm not a pure Hifi enthusiast and I think someone who know the "stuff" should enjoy this beauty. Send mail with price suggestion.