T + A Music Player

"This," Quartet Marketing's Stirling Trayle proudly said, "is the T + A Music Player."

What's it called?

"The T + A Music Player."

Ah, we love the comedy classics. Actually, it's called the T + A E Series Music Player (4500) and it combines a CD player, a "high-quality" FM tuner, supports all UPnP music servers, and streams Internet radio. "Oh yeah," said Trayle, "it also supports allDNLA compatible servers."

Since Jon Iverson and I are both Mac users, we asked about Apple compatibility. "Well, as you can see, we have an iPod input on the back panel—and we're well along the way to having Apple certify us as MFI (made for iPod).

Soundboy's picture

Will it play SACD too? I see a SACD of Pink Floyd's DSOTM.

Jon Iverson's picture

Just CD - the DSOTM has a CD layer (inferior to the SACD layer though).