Awards Are Here

The show has just opened its doors and Stereophile's Stephen Mejias holds the new Product of the Year awards to be handed out all day long.

High end audio is spread out around Las Vegas again this year, with exhibitors at the Venetian, Alexis Park, St. Tropez, and hotels scattered in between.

Doug White's picture

If ever there was a room more deserving of an award, it would be the Argento Room (29-335) at the Venetian. Of all the rooms visited during my days roaming the show floors, this room displayed the most sonically satisfying performance. Upon walking into their suite, I was presented with a professional visual display of products that were, of course, connected with Agento's very attractive cables. Powered by ASR electronics and the Sytlos DAC, the absolutely stunning Tidal Contriva speakers were amazing sounding. After finding out their cost, I feel they are an absolute steal compared to many other speakers shown last week. The sound was so compelling, I ordered a pair (and the DAC).