Ahhhh, Music!

We're stunned at how few exhibitors spend money for the larger rooms on the 35th floor of the Venetian, since they are so sonically impressive. Sumiko's room with the $28,000 SME 2012, $6000 Audio Research PH7, $10,000 Audio Research Reference 3, Audio Research Reference 210 monoblock amplifiers ($9000/each), and brand-spanking new $25,000/pair Vienna Acoustic Die Musik loudspeakers had us glued to the sweet spot.

There's just something about a big, open room—and when a system has a price tag the size of that in Sumiko's room, why would you compromise the sound by jamming it in a shoebox?

Well played, Sumiko.

Jomoinc's picture

Hey, did you miss that piece of equipment in the corner? I would be curious to know what model it is and the approx size of room..... Thanx!

Wes Phillips's picture

It's a REL sub, not active, I think—and I'll post the model number tomorrow.

Jon Iverson's picture

Actually I went over and put my hand on it, and it was indeed active. Added a nice little deep thump now and then.

Jack Bybee's picture

I truly agree the sound of the larger rooms do indeed make a postive difference. I only wish some of the systems I seeked out to hear would have invested in better rooms. Sumiko did it correctly.