Wait Isn't the White Lab Coat Somebody Else's Schtick?

Von Schweikert Audio's VR-5 SEs ($25,000/pair) aren't new, but once again they impressed Jon Iverson and me with their verve and natural presentation of acoustic guitar. Nils Lofgren's "Keith Don't Go" kept us nailed to our seats for the whole 12 minutes—which, in CES Show mode, is equivalent to seven human years.

We got Albert Von Schweikert to stop talking about measurement techniques long enough to pose with the '5 SEs.

Barrows Worm's picture

This report fails to mention that Albert's excellent sounding VR-5 SEs were powered by PS Audio's Trio C-100 Control Amplifier ($1595.00!) Even we at PS were very impressed at the great sound the VR-5s were getting out of our little, entry level amplifier!