That's Stanwick, George Stanwick

Sugden's US importer analog George Stanwick proudly preens with his A21SE 30wpc Class-A integrated amp and CD21SE CD player. What made the Keith Jarrett trio sound so good—was it the electronics or was it the Proac Response D28s?

"We think it's the combination of great loudspeakers and well-built electronics," he answered diplomatically.

"And maybe the new Proac speaker cables," Proac's Richard Gerberg added.

"And that, of course," Stanwick said diplomatically.

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Dear Mr. Iverson:Could you please tell me whether you can supply 4 output (British Motorola) transistors (matched pairs?) for a Sugden Au51P basic amp and what the cost would be?

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George is not one to stand behind the products he sells.I ordered some parts for a well tempered reference turntable and a box to ship a well tempered tone arm back for repair he signed for the tone arm on Jan 15 2020 and as of today July 20 he has not responded to many many phone calls and e mails

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sorry the date should read January 15 2020 over seven months ago and still no word from George

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thats 2010