What Comes After the Prologue?

If you're PrimaLuna, it's the DiaLogue, an integrated tube amp available in two models: the $2199 DiaLogue One and the $2499 DiaLogue Two. Both amps deliver 21Wpc in triode operation and 30Wpc in ultralinear mode. What's the difference? The Two comes with Genalux KT88s, Solen capacitors, fast recovery diodes in the power supply, and a high-gloss hand-rubbed finish.

Both amps feature PrimaLuna's adaptive auto bias so you can stick in any tube and the amp will optimize performance for it.

"So you're enabling tube rolling?" I asked Kevin Deal.

"You bet! Tube rolling is fun—especially when it's a no-brainer."

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Being a happy owner of the ProLogue Two, I have been anticipating the DiaLogue release for some time, and am happy to finally see it!My biggest question is - how does it sound compared to the ProLogue?I've noticed (via upscale audio's website) that many of the DiaLogue features, while welcomed by many, fall into the 'convenience' category for me. While remote and HT pass-thru are nice additions, do the improved output transformers improve the sound enough to justify an upgrade from the ProLogue?Switching between Triode/UL on the fly would be fun, but just curious about an asking price of $1k more based solely on the sound and not the added 'convenience' features?Any comments on the sound (particularly vs. the ProLogue) would be greatly appreciated!

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What speakers are those in the background?