Dreaming of a Wire Free World

"Let's face it," Neosonik's Ted Feldman said, "wires are a hassle—nobody really wants to clutter up their homes with the darn stuff. I know eliminating wires has always been a dream of mine."

So how does that work?

A Neosonik system would consist of an NS-100 wireless A/V controller ($1999) and the appropriate number of Neosonik loudspeakers—Jon Iverson and I heard a system containing a pair of Neosonik Series 6 Tower loudspeakers ($2499/each). The NS-100 takes the digital signal from any digital source and transmits it encrypted and uncompressed to the Neonik loudspeaker, where it undergoes DSP and a digital crossover takes the signal to digital input, digital amplifiers connected to each driver.

The system accommodates two-, 5.1-, and 7.1-channel signals. A $299 wireless HD video receiver is also available to handle pictmission.

The stereo system we heard sounded pretty good—the fact that it worked at all in the Venetian's traffic jam of RF, wi-fi, and cellular band transmissions was a tribute in itself.

Jon Iverson looked at the back panel of the Series 6 loudspeaker and pointed at the active loudspeaker's AC cord. "I see you're not completely wireless."

"We're working on that, too," said Feldman.