iPod For Audiophiles?

That's what MSB's Larry Gullman called MSB's iLink, $2000 package that makes your iPod "better than CD."

What you get is an MSB charging dock that replaces your iPod's analog outputs with an MSB DAC with RF remote capabilities. It requires modification of your iPod (included in the price)—or you could buy the package with an 80GB pre-modded iPod Video for $2349.

So why is it better than CD? "With the RF dongle connected to your iPod, you can listen to high-rez, lossless audio from your listening chair, but you're holding the iPod in your hand," Gullman said. Your collection is there and you control it, but the sound is better than anything other than the original CD."

So how is that better than CD?

"Because you have your iPod with you. Who knows where you left that CD?"

The man does have a point.