Heavy Metal!

Ypsilon Electronics was a new name to me, so I wasn't sure what Jon Iverson and I would see when we entered its room. Whatever we expected, it wasn't the ginormous hybrid SET-100 monoblock amplifiers ($69,000/pair).

Ypsilon believes that single-ended is better, so the 120W SET-100 is a hybrid single-ended power amplifier. It uses 8830 tubes in the input stage.

Ypsilon has been in business in Greece for about 15 years, but this is the first time it has shown its wares in the US. The $69,000 price actually, was quoted as "€53,000, tax included." Shipping is not, presumably.

suits_me's picture

Okay, it uses 8830 tubes in the input stage. So how many tubes does it use overall?I probably can't read the characters I am to type in the picture, but let's give it a whirl. That third one could be an "i" or an "f", because it has a wrinkle partway up the stem. Talk about fidelity.

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it uses just 2 on the input section. They sound great, although the room was not doing them any favours.